Beach time in Baja California, Mexico

We knew it was going to be an amazing trip when we stepped out of the car to beautiful 70-degree temperatures off the Pacific coast of Baja California, Mexico. We only wish that we could have stayed longer.

We rented a house for a week right on the water. Here are a few scenes of the beach that were filmed right from our backyard during the week.

It doesn’t get much better than low 70’s when you’re coming from temperatures that routinely flirt with 110 in the desert southwest. That, and prices for everything were an amazing relief from those of the United States.

Big house, lots of beach on which to stretch our legs and a week in coat-wearing weather made this trip a wonderful opportunity for us to get away.

It started with a scenic drive

The trip down was long and without much fanfare. The landscape as we crossed Arizona and headed west into California was stark and amazing. Out of Yuma, the horizon stretches far and long, and shrubbery alongside the road is quickly replaced by giant sand dunes.

It reminds me of being out in the middle of the desert. Deserted.

And to an extent, we were. No gas stations for miles. No civilization to speak of outside of El Centro. The wind-swept desert road plowed through miles and miles of desolation, straight as an arrow and as long as the ocean.

We sat at the border to cross into Mexico for about 45 minutes. No border patrol hassle. Mexico doesn’t care what you bring into the country. That’s more than I can say for our own border patrol re-entering the United States, however.

Enjoy some photography from our trip!

Sunset on the water during our first evening.

Our dog Penny loves the beach. My brother in law does as well. ­čÖé

A look down the pacific coast of Baja

A view of the ocean from our backyard


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