The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum outside Tucson

This nearly 100-acre desert oasis, known as the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, offers visitors a wide range of both sights and sounds, leading curious adults and kids alike through beautifully-manicured cactus gardens and around protected areas that house coyotes, mountain lions, and even a black bear.
A bird takes flight at Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

A bird takes flight during a demonstration at the museum

In other words, the 65-year-old Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum is one heck of a sight to see. Need help to plan your visit?

The museum grounds are located to the west of Tucson in southern Arizona along Kinney Road, the same road that leads to equally-impressive Saguaro National Park. The museum offers two different restaurants and gift shops – though we haven’t spent a dime at either of them (we aren’t gift shop people).

According to the museum’s Fast Facts page, the grounds contain more than 56,000 individual plants, 230 native mammals, and 16 different gardens. More than 400,000 visitors walk the grounds yearly.

If you go in the summer, bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. There are water fountains located throughout the park to help visitors stay hydrated.

The park is run by volunteers who are all eager to answer questions and offer help. They are thoroughly and genuinely happy, so do not hesitate to ask them questions or pick their brain as you walk through the park. Yeah, like Disney World happy.

While there, be sure to check out the hummingbird aviary for a stroll along a short path with hummingbirds hanging out all around you. Don’t be surprised if you get buzzed by a hummingbird, either. It just makes the experience more exciting. If you have your camera with a telephoto lens, you’ll love it in there.

And if you are a fan of reptiles, don’t forget about the reptile exhibit with snakes, lizard, Gila Monsters and more. Photo of a snake below.

A snake in the reptile exhibit at Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

A snake in the reptile exhibit at Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Enjoy some shots from our trip to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum this year (winter, 2016).

desertmuseum-18 desertmuseum-15 desertmuseum-14 desertmuseum-12 desertmuseum-11 desertmuseum-8 desertmuseum-5 desertmuseum-4 An owl demonstration at Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum desertmuseum-1 A mountain lion at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum


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